Friday, May 27, 2011

CAPUL: 04 - Home Stay

Do not look for hostels in Capul because you would not find any. Home Stay is the trend for tourists here. The question is, how would you know whom to ask? Ask the boatmen or the other passengers. One told me to approach the woman by the port but did not specify which exactly. So I approached the first woman I saw and she brought me to an old house near the port where she was residing with two little kids. There were pictures all over the house. I found out that the family who lives there goes out of town during the weekends and the woman I talked to, a relative of theirs, is left there to take care of the house.

I was led to a small room at the corner. There were two beds, an air-con, and an electric fan. The only problem is that the island only has electricity from four in the afternoon up to 12 midnight. I had to leave the windows open for some air but some insects decided to join the slumber party. That is why I was itching all over when I woke up the next day. This caveat aside, my stay there was okay. I felt at home and the hospitality they showed me was heartfelt. It helped that the woman also spoke fluent Tagalog.


As for food, there is an eatery in town called Gelyn’s. Unfortunately, it was closed the day I was there because it was a Sunday. I had to subsist with junk food available in many sari-sari stores nearby. Another weird thing is that bottled water was not available in any of the stores I went to so I had to settle for Coke.

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