Sunday, March 13, 2011

TUGUEGARAO: 02 – Casa Ludivina

I got off the van in front of a mall, the name of which I forgot again! It is that mall where Christian Bautista and Aiza Seguerra would be having a concert. Near Jollibee. There is nothing much inside that mall where I strolled after checking in at Casa Ludivina, an inn which doubles as a bus station. Now I think I got very lucky with this inn and I am very much satisfied with my stay there.

The woman at the desk said 400 pesos for a single fan room. Instead of checking the room, I immediately paid. When I finally saw the room it was fine by me but then I saw another room with air-conditioning. It cost 550. Fine, I switched. What I liked about the room was its neatness. It was obviously an old place but well maintained. The bathroom tiles were not filthy, although the shower area was rather small, and the toilet too low. Other than that I had no more complaints. I was quite sure that there would be ghosts that night. Why else would it be cheap and clean? There has to be a catch. Fortunately, there were neither headless priests nor blood-drenched women with no concept of shampooing hovering around when evening came. Perhaps the catch was its location along the national highway, although the sound of vehicles died down as it got darker.

I was thinking of going somewhere like Cauayan in Isabela, for example. It was just 3 PM when I arrived in Tuguegarao and I had the rest of the day free. Instead, I just stayed in the room, then roamed at the mall across the street, stayed in the room again, and then went to a café to surf the net, then ate at Jollibee, then stayed in the room again, and then ate at Jollibee again, until I decided to just sleep. And so there ended my Cagayan trip.
TUGUEGARAO: 02 – Casa Ludivina

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Kendra said...

Pwede kaya makiluto dito sa casa ludivina?

ihcahieh said...

@Kendra - Sorry, ngayon ko lang nakita baka nakapunta ka na at nasagot na rin ang tanong mo. I wouldn't know kasi di naman ako nagluluto, fastfood lang lagi.

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